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ZR Technologies was founded in 2020 with a clear vision of providing high quality services to our clients. Till date we have helped solve problems for clients across a wide range of technologies. From setting up shopify stores to help build e-commerce wordpress websites. From creating blogging websites to helping clients build NFT community websites using web 3.0 API’s. We have accomplished a great deal and we are focused on doing a lot more. Here is an in depth description of who we are, what services we provide and where do we see our selves in the upcoming years.


About us

 ZR technology is a multifunctional and self-administered company that is providing high quality software solutions to our clients. Our services include:

  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Complete Mobile app development
  • Web 3.0 API integrations
  • API development
  • Desktop Software solutions
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Software Quality Assurance

Our belief is in creating concrete value for our customers and that is what we think makes us different. Our devotion to detail and quality is matchless. We’re not just a resource provider. We value our customers’ success as our own – sharing development risk, so that they can be bold in their acceptance of new technologies. We’ll help you test bold new ideas while sharing your development risk. So, you can save up to 30% on development costs, improve efficiency and flex your business model to lift the returns.

We’re a network of visionaries. We devise bold solutions to the most complex client challenges. It’s our ability to explore new technologies to design best-fit solutions that has 96% of our clients ready to recommend us. We become your devoted partner. Which means we won’t finish a project until both we, and you, are 100% happy. With a client satisfaction rate of over 97%, we’re considered a key deliberate technology partner. We’ve kept our team small and flat on purpose: that’s how we stay nimble, transparent, and human-centric.


Our vision is simple “to provide premium quality services to our clients” as quoted by our founder and C.E.O.

So, in short, our vision is to provide the most effective software solutions to our clients’ problems; this is what makes a service premium. We make sure that every penny spent on us is completely justified and we complete our projects as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves in transparent communication with our clients, keep them always updated and to quickly solve any problems that may arise during the development phase of our work.

How we see ourselves in the near future

ZR Technologies has just started, but we are all set to make a global impact. We are now venturing into Web 3 by helping our clients work on web 3.0 integrations to their regular websites and soon will be providing smart contract services as well.

From here onwards in the coming years we look to launch our own products in the NFT and crypto domain as well as help our clients do the same. You will see ZR Technologies venturing into the following technologies in the next two years:

  • Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning
  • Game development
  • Augmented + Virtual Reality
  • Web 3.0 (complete API integrations, Smart contracts, blockchain development)

We are all set to become a name of quality dealing with complex projects as time progresses, with offices being set up around the globe in the coming years.